Transfer Large size of cpanel account to remote server

If your cPanel account size is more than 4 GB then you need skip Home Directory and transfer your account. It will be best doing via screen. Follow the below steps.

Login your old server via root user and go to your home directory. This command will skip on your account home directory (public_html) and compress all other files include database, emails,etc.,

root@OLD[~]#/scripts/pkgacct <cpaneluser>–skiphomedir

Once backup completed transfer backup file to your remote server and restore vis /scripts/restorepkg <cpaneluser>. Once these process completed rsync public_html folder from OLD server to NEW server

root@OLD[~]#rsync -avz –progress /home/cpaneluser/public_html  root@<newserverip>:/home/cpaneluser

Now you will see all files and databases, email ids and etc… transfer successful.