Account transfer via cPanel

If you want to move your account from a host cPanel account to another cPanel account, then follow below instructions:

Login to your cPanel and click the “Backup” icon.

Click the “Download or Generate a Full Backup” button. This will backup all of your files, email accounts and MySQL databases.
Leave the drop down on Home Directory and be sure to have a valid email address in the second box. Leave the remaining boxes empty.
Click the “Generate Backup” button and wait for an email confirmation to arrive.

Once backup process has completed, Transfer backup file to new server via FTP or get the backup file from NEW server using FTP.

root@NEW[~]#ftp <old cpanel server ip>

login using ftp user and password.

download backup file through get option.

ftp>get backup-3.4.2011_23-46-32_oldcpuser.tar.gz

once download completed, move backup file to /home folder and run this restore command.

root@NEW[~]#/scripts/restorepkg oldcpuser

Now you can see your account restoration successfully.